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Adoptions to be regulated by this chapter Requisites of a valid adoption Effects of Adoptions Capacity of a Hindu Male/Female to take in adoption
Persons capable of giving in adoption Valid adoption not to be cancelled Determination of adoptive mother in certain cases Prohibition of certain Payments
Presumption as to registered documents relating to adoption Right of adoptive parents to dispose of their properties Other conditions for a valid adoption

  1. No adoption shall be made after the commencement of this Act by or to a Hindu except in accordance with the provisions contained in this Chapter, and any adoption made in contravention of the said provision shall be void.
  2. An adoption which is void shall neither create any rights in the adoptive family in favour of any person which he or she could not have acquired except by reason of the adoption, nor destroy the right of any person in the  family of his or her birth.

Comments : Adoption that takes place after the death of the husband contrary to the will of deceased husband and after the Act came into force it was held that, legality of the adoption is to be  considered in accordance with the provision of Act, and the   adoption cannot be held invalid just for the fact that it was against the directions as  mentioned in the will of deceased husband.- Kavuluru V. Kuntamukkala 1971 (1) An. WR 134

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  Know Your Rights!!
Divorce Laws
Dowry Laws
  The Domestic Violence Act *
Stay and status quo
Anticipatory and regular bail
Property related issues
Criminal Laws

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