The Corporate World has understood the fact that it has become mandatory to seek services of lawyer/Law Firm to prevent litigation in future and to save energy and resources for the betterment of their corporate entity. We are here to guide and educate the corporate world about the laws governing them.

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  Corporate Laws
4Corporate Litigations
4Labor Laws
  4Sec.138 NI Act & Recovery
4Industrial Disputes Act
4Agreements and Contracts
4Intellectual Property
4Arbitration and Mediation


  • Company Law and Allied Matters
  •  Matters Relating to Constitution, Dissolution, Appointment & Removal of Boards, Corporation and Their Members, Directors, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Etc.
  • Service Matters
  • Transport Matters
  • Contempt of Court Matters
  •  Mortgage & Redemption Matters
  • Matters Relating to Commissions of Enquiry.
  • Indian Partnership Act Matters
  •  Indian Contract Act and Sales of Goods Matters
  •  Tender Disputes
  •  Intellectual Property Rights Including infringement of Trade Mark, Copyright, Patent Etc.
  •  Banking, Fiscal and other Financial matters
  •  Service Matters relating to Major Penalities.
  •  Rent Control Act Matters
  •  Mines, Minerals and Mining Lease Matters
  •  Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 matters.
  •  Income, Wealth, Gift Tax Matters
  • Estate Duty, Customs, Sale Tax and Central Excise Tax Matters
  • Industrial Disputes Act Matters
  • Land Acquisition and Requisition Matters
  • Filing of Reviews/Appeals/Revision in Appellate Courts
  • Land Revenue and Tenancy Matters
  •  Forest, Wildlife, Environment Matters
  • Suits under Civil Procedure Code including Filing and defending a Suit for Recovery U/o 37 of Civil Procedure Code,
  • Criminal Cases including Filing and defending a Complaint u/s 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act.

  • Corporate, Legal and Financial Due Diligence, Investigations and Regulatory Matters
  • Consultancy and facilitation to Indian as well as foreign companies to establish their business in India.
  •  Corporate structuring/restructuring
  •  Mergers and acquisitions (including tax implications, stock swaps, purchase or sale of stake and other ownership changes)
  • Setting up of branch offices, liaison offices or project offices in India and overseas;
  •  Winding Up and Dissolution of Companies
  •  Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulations/guidelines and other relevant laws/policies,
  •  Funding mechanisms through preferential and rights issues of various financial instruments
  •  Leasing and hire-purchase finance and consumer credit
  •  Corporate Secretarial functions
  •  Optimization of Central Excise through appropriate classification and use of various exemption and incentive schemes
  •  Optimization of customs duty through appropriate classification and use of various exemption and incentive schemes
  • SVB (Special Valuation Branch)- Related Party transactions Advice regarding approach to SVB,assistance in submissions, representations and reviews

  Corporate Laws
Corporate Litigations
Labor Laws
  Sec.138 NI Act & Recovery
Industrial Disputes Act
Intellectual Property

  Know Your Rights!!
Divorce Laws
Dowry Laws
  The Domestic Violence Act *
Stay and status quo
Anticipatory and regular bail
Property related issues
Criminal Laws

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