KarVai has a Team of professional and qualified lawyers at Delhi headed by Rajiv Gupta, Advocate. Being the founder of Kar Vai Legal Solutions, Adv. Rajiv Gupta believes in sincerity and hardwork in the positive direction and trusts a few lions than a herd of sheep. KarVai believes in common good and strives to achieve this goal by helping people who cannot help themselves due to economic deprivity or lack of legal knowledge. Our goal is to have a litigation free society where we could minimize the friction and waste as enumerate in the jurisprudence of various countries.

Together as an experienced law firm KarVai puts best efforts to to help and guide people in the right direction.
Resources we rely on various judgments and precedents of court of records.
Co-ordination plays a vital role amongst us. As a team we make it a point that each lawyer knows and values the brief of their fellow lawyers. And this is beneficial in some of the most critical situations. As a team each lawyer supports and gives feedbacks in order to keep the entire group updated.

We interpret the law and judgements of the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India to support the cause.




Rajiv Gupta, Advocate since the begining had this vision of serving people in the flield of law and serving the nation at large. KarVai as a group believes in the fact that the Law is above all and its the duty of KarVai to uphold the dignity of law.

KarVai along with its vigilant team of legal professionals is strivig for justice for those who are denied of it. “ No Looking Back” is what KarVai believes in. As a team of dedicated lawyers we believe in no policy other than honesty.

Rajiv Gupta, Advocate
Founder, Karvai



Most importantly when the client is in trouble he ends up approaching a counsel who may not be well versed with the area of law that he is being retained for. Now this does not mean that a particular lawyer is in-capable of taking a particular brief. what matters the most is the right legal action for a particular legal issue. Mere filing of a case is not important but it needs to be ascertained whether a particular case needs to be filed or not. At times client goes through rigors of courts & litigation for years without understanding that the same was never required.

Lovkesh Gupta
Associate Lawyer
Pallavi Nirmal
Associate Lawyer
Prashant Vitthal
Associate Lawyer
Aparna Agrawal
Law Intern - Human Rights

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